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Creation of the Institute

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Creation of the Institute

December 19, 2007 : the statutes of the International Joint Research Unit IMMI (Institute for Multilingual and Multimedia Information) have been signed by CNRS General Director Arnold Migus, RWTH Kanzler Manfred Nettekoven and UKA Kanzler Dietmar Ertmann.

The institute is a joint venture between CNRS, RWTH and Karslruhe University, to develop extensive long-term research on language and multimedia processing.

The scientific scope addressed by IMMI focus on research in the following areas :

  • Natural language processing (text processing, filtering, indexation, summarization) statistical
  • Machine translation (text to text, speech to text, and speech to speech)
  • Speech and audio processing (speech recognition, language recognition, speaker diarization, speech understanding, audio classification, acoustic scene analysis, audiovisual speech processing)
  • Multilingual document processing (written and spoken language identification, crosslingual information retrieval, document translation)
  • Multimedia document indexing (disclosure of information content, content-based indexation, media monitoring, etc)