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META-Prize for Voxalead at META-FORUM 2011 in Budapest

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META-Prize for Voxalead at META-FORUM 2011 in Budapest

The META-FORUM’11 took place in Budapest (Hungary) on June 27th-28th. This international conference, dedicated to fostering the technological foundations of a multilingual European information society, gathered 400 participants. It was also an official event of the Hungarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

During the closing ceremony, 4 « META-Prizes » and 10 « META Seals of Recognition » were granted, to reward actors, products and services which promote multilinguism in Europe.

Voxalead received a META-Prize for « outstanding audio visual search and transcription software and services », granted to Exalead, and through Exalead, to all the partners involved in this application developped within the Quaero program.

The other three prizes went to MOSES (University of Edinburgh), LDF and ELRA jointly, and Jibbigo (congratulations to Alex Waibel !) Vecsys also received two « META Seals » for Media Speech Factory and the application Vocable (in partnershift with Immanens).

Jibbigo primed at META-FORUM 2011

Voir en ligne : META-Forum 2011 website